Cognac "Hnadaryan Erivan"

age 10 years

“Hnadaryan Erivan” cognac from Avshar wine factory is made from the best grape varieties of the Avshar vineyards in natural oak barrels, which are the 100-year-old “parents” of cognac.

Cognac goes well with black coffee.



Perfect Color


Rich aroma

rich with oak tones

Rich taste

light density,

Pleasure For Connoisseurs

Cognac “Hnadaryan Erivan”

Color – golden
Aroma – rich with tones of oak
Taste – light density, long aftertaste

For Connoisseurs

All cognac spirits are aged in oak barrels, but even they can give completely different taste characteristics to a strong drink.

Cognac "Hnadaryan Erivan" 0.5l

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The quality of cognac largely depends on the composition of raw materials, i.e. grapes and oak wood, on the flow of technological processes from the moment of processing grapes, processing riveting to the release of finished products.