Vodka Mulberry

Avshar wine factory has a “Mulberry” vodka made of white and black mulberry grown exclusively in the Armenian highlands. It has a very pleasant aroma and pure natural flavor.

This drink is distinguished for its specific soft taste and exceptional quality.



Perfect cleanliness

Which is provided by
multi distillation complexes

spring water

The most important component that
ensures the taste of products

Rich taste

The unique technology allows you to feel the aromas of fruits and berries

Pleasure For Connoisseurs


Vodka Mulberry

Mulberry vodka, the recipe of which has been known in Armenia since time immemorial, is created using berries – White-fruited mulberry, better known as mulberry.

The combination of traditional production technologies used in different countries and special local techniques allows you to get a unique product with a characteristic taste and aroma.

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Feel the real taste of summer and enjoy it at any time of the year.

The fruits necessary for fruit vodka are obtained from the juicy and immortally fragrant fruits of the Ararat Valley.

This miracle drink, considered curative, makes you want to enjoy it again and again.

Vodka Mulberry 0.5l

Vodka Mulberry 0.2l

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