Volkoff premium Vodka from Avshar wine factory has a very pleasant aroma and it’s super delectable.

The feature of this drink is the lightness of taste.For those that like pure and smooth drink this stunning vodka is the perfect harmony of taste and smell.

Addition of special ingredients are rectified grain ethyl spirit (Lux and Alpha class) and water.



Perfect cleanliness

Which is provided by
multi distillation complexes

spring water

The most important component that
ensures the taste of products

Rich taste

The latest, unique technology of purification and filtration of raw materials

Pleasure For Connoisseurs



The use of the classical production method and environmentally friendly materials ensures its crystal purity and unprecedented organoleptic characteristics.

Premium vodka created by real masters according to traditional recipes has a light aroma, but a very rich taste.

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The vodka of the Avsharsky winery “Volkoff Premium” is made according to classic vodka recipes, using high-quality multi-distilled ethyl alcohol “Lux” and “Alpha” from sunny wheat from sun-drenched lands and perfectly clean water of Armenian springs.

Vodka "VOLKOFF" 0.7l

Vodka "VOLKOFF" 0.5l

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The vodka of the Avsharsky winery “Volkoff” is filtered, getting additional shine and acquiring the perfection of taste and impeccable aroma of the finished product.