Quality Control System at Avshar Wine Factory


Avshar Wine Factory occupies a leading position in alcoholic beverage production in the Republic of Armenia and in the international market.

Daily the volume of the factory’s exports to the international market increases significantly. The largest market for cognac consumption is the Russian Federation, where cognac from the Avshar wine factory is the most demanded product.

Samvel Movsisyan, the head of the laboratory of the factory, states that the essential key to the company’s success is the correct marketing policy, unique product design, and, most importantly, excellent quality.


International Standards of Quality Compliance

Thanks to the implemented modern technologies Avshar Wine Factory ensures excellent product quality. In 2008 the company was awarded the ISO22000-2005 certificate of quality compliance. ISO 22000:2005 is a company-level certification based on a standard determined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). 

Titled “Food Safety Management Systems – Requirements for Any Organization in the Food Chain”, the standard is to accommodate organizations to monitor the safety of the food they produce and ensure that it is safe for human consumption. The standard states that an organization should consider the construction and layout of the facilities, waste disposal issues, storage and transportation, pest control, sanitation, and personnel hygiene when creating a prerequisite program.

Avshar Wine factory received the ISO22000-2005 certificate from the Danish organization “Bureau Veritas”, which representatives conduct appropriate professional inspections at the factory twice a year, making sure that the factory works according to the ISO 22000-2005 requirements of the food safety management system, and allow the further operation and activity of the factory.

High-quality Professionals and Knowledgeable Staff

“One of the crucial keys to our success is the correct selection of personnel,” says Samvel Movsisyan, head of the factory’s laboratory. “Experienced employees with high professional qualities are able to produce quality products and make them known both on the local and international markets.”

Throughout its history, the Avshar Wine factory has enjoyed the trust and loyalty both of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia and the international community. As proof serves the numerous Grand-Prix awards, gold, silver, and bronze medals, honors, and letters of gratitude awarded at international exhibitions.