The Art of Giving Vodka


Too often we worry about what gift to give to a friend, colleague or a doctor who has recently treated us.

Giving alcohol as a gift is quite respectful, and alcohol is considered the most common and convenient gift. In the case of other gifts, you should study the person, take into account his preferences. And since vodka has warming and soothing properties, giving vodka as a gift is associated with warmth and calmness.

If you decide to give vodka as a gift, make sure you take into consideration for what occasion you  are giving it and to whom you are giving it to. For example, if you decide to give vodka to a friend, choose Avshar Wine “Imperskaya” vodka. It is made of selected sunny wheat and pure water from the springs descending from the Armenian mountains.

For vodka lovers, “Imperskaya” vodka is the best combination of taste and high mood. This vodka has the ability to bring a special warmth to a company.

If you give the vodka to spouses, Avshar Wine’s fruit vodka bouquet in beautiful packaging is definitely the best choice for the party.

Avshar Wine’s fruit vodkas are made of natural Armenian distilled fruit juice and cold water. These vodkas are a real dream for drink connoisseurs and those who appreciate the originality of taste. When giving vodka as a gift, we recommend attaching a small wish card to the packaging.

If you decide to give vodka to your boss, then it should be done personally and separately. Choose Avshar Wine’s “Volkoff” vodka for your boss. The main feature of this vodka is the lightness of the taste.

“Volkoff” is the one and only vodka for vodka lovers for its ideal harmony of taste and smell. “Volkoff” vodka should be given with beautiful vodka glasses.

When giving vodka to your loved ones, choose “Moskovskaya Krepost Premium”. This vodka is a real dream for connoisseurs of fine drinks and those who appreciate the originality of the taste. “Moskovskaya Krepost Premium” is a noble drink that will convey a special mood to you. Present the gift in a basket, put various bars of chocolate and your photos in a nice frame along with a bottle of vodka.

You can also give vodka as a gift at weddings or birthday parties. In this case, you can choose a collection of Avshar Wine vodkas in a beautiful basket. Be sure to place a small bunch of Armenian wheat spikelet in the basket and attach a verse with best wishes.

And keep in mind vodka is served cold.