How to drink vodka correctly

Vodka is an extremely popular alcoholic beverage. There are many different vodkas, brands and flavors on the market.

Almost everyone drinks vodka, but is everyone well aware of how to drink vodka, at what temperature and quantity, so that there are no unwanted consequences? With this short article, we want to present the nuances of the art of drinking vodka.

About vodka

Vodka is a strong alcoholic drink, a water-alcohol solution with a distinctive taste and an intense
alcoholic smell. Modern vodka production technology includes both traditions and modern solutions regarding the use of equipment.

Vodka is traditionally made of selected wheat grains and pure water from mountain springs by using the blending method.

There are also fruit vodkas, which are made from a mixture of wine juice and spring water obtained by squeezing the superb fruits. Fruit vodkas have a rich fruit aroma and delicate taste.


How to choose vodka?

You will hear from vodka lovers that ideal vodka gives a feeling of freshness and high mood. If you want to enjoy vodka, you should choose “Volkoff” vodka from Avshar Wine. As an ideal premium vodka, it has an everlasting taste, a light and refreshing aroma.

How to drink vodka?

There is a simple rule for drinking vodka: drink it only with traditional Armenian food. For example, Avshar Wine’s “Imperskaya” vodka is perfectly combined with traditional Armenian khash. When you sit next to Aragats and eat the tastiest khash, it is this vodka that warms you and merges with nature. Or, during a traditional Armenian wedding, when the barbecue is served, we immediately fill our glasses with Avshar Wine’s “Volkoff” vodka and enjoy the Armenian food.

Avshar Wine also offers divine aromatic apricot, mulberry and honey fruit vodkas from the Ararat valley, which can perfectly complement any festive table.


How to serve vodka?

It is better to drink vodka chilled. The colder the vodka, the more it warms us.

These simple tips were intended for those who are not familiar with alcoholic beverages. However, no matter how much you are not a specialist in spirits, you still have your own taste, which our experts have worked hard to satisfy. Try several types of vodkas and with the help of your unique taste choose wheat or fruit vodka.